Teaching Staff

Anfield has a team of highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff, who are international not only in name but in the experiences that they bring to the students. We are fortunate in having a diverse range of nationalities with teaching staff from: Britain, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, as well as our Mandarin teachers who come from Beijing.

As Anfield is an international, English-speaking organisation, our teachers are native-English speakers with qualifications and experience in early childhood education.

The only exceptions to this are our Mandarin teachers who are native-Mandarin speakers.

Our teachers are experienced in meeting the needs of the individual child.


Non-teaching Staff

At Anfield we have a dedicated and hard-working non-teaching team.

Tracy, Shannon and Venus in the office, and our team of housekeepers, work tirelessly in an effort to keep up the high standards that are expected at Anfield.

Angela Lee is our Supervisor who liaises with the local government department on administrative matters.