At Anfield we always place the health and safety of our school community first. We are vigilant in protecting the health and safety of your child and our staff.


  • All kindergarten students are required to have a completed medical form returned to school prior to admission. This includes an up to date immunisation record for your child.
  • Kiddies’ Club parents are asked to inform us if their child has a particular medical condition, including allergies.


  • All information supplied to the school is confidential. Medical information will be required from time to time by the Health Department when they visit the school.


  • Students who are sick should be kept at home to minimise the risk of the spread of infection.
  • Students who do arrive at school sick or who become sick during the session will be sent home. In some cases we reserve the right to ask for a clearance note from your doctor before a child comes back to school.
  • If your child is not coming to school, please inform the school at the beginning of the day.
  • Infectious illnesses—please inform the school as soon as possible if your child has an infectious illness. We will then inform other parents so that they can take all necessary precautions.
  • We continue to check the temperatures of students before they enter the school premises, plus the temperatures of the adults who accompany our playgroup/prep-programme students. Please check temperatures first thing in the morning and write the details on the temperature chart before coming to school – 37.2 C/ 99 F degrees maximum.
  • If your child has a cough, cold, sniffles etc., please keep him/her at home where s/he will be more comfortable whilst s/he recovers.
  • At the end of this section, please find some guidelines on infectious diseases as set by the Education Bureau/Health Department.
  • Children with stitches or plaster casts will be admitted at the discretion of the Principal, after it has been assessed that it is safe for the child to return. However, we will not take responsibility for any further injury.

Birthday Celebrations at Anfield

For several reasons it is now part of our policy that birthday cakes and sweets are not sent to school to share with the class:

  • Health and safety reasons because of food allergies.
  • Not all families wish to do this but do not wish their child to feel left out because of this.

A young child’s birthday is a very special time and we want to celebrate this at Anfield for our regular students. We celebrate birthdays for Kindergarten and Playgroup/Prep-Programme students by doing the following:

  • The school buys a small, plain sponge cake to share with the class at snack time.
  • All parents receive a birthday notice listing the cake ingredients and asking them if they have any concerns about their child eating the birthday cake.
  • The class sings happy birthday to the crown-wearing birthday child as he/she blows out the candles.
  • A polaroid/digital photo captures the moment and is taken home by the birthday child at the end of the day as well as a special Anfield birthday sticker and card.

Hot weather

  • Please make sure that your child brings his/her sunhat to school every day.
  • When the weather is very hot, please don’t forget to put suncream on your child at home before s/he comes to school.


  • In accordance with the guidelines from the Department of Health, our premises are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • We use the services of a professional hygiene consultant on how to further improve environmental hygiene here at Anfield.
  • To keep our grounds & premises insect free, they are regularly treated by a professional pest control company.
  • However, if your child is very sensitive to insect bites, please put insect repellent on your child at home before s/he comes to school.
  • Floor mats have been placed by all outside doors. These will disinfect shoes by as much as 85%.
  • Ultra-Violet Germicidal Lamps (Pure Air Device) are installed in our main entrance lobby and all classrooms.
  • The school ventilation system has been adjusted to allow for the maximum allowable fresh air into the building.
  • Air conditioner filters are cleaned regularly.
  • All toys and equipment, both inside and outside, are cleaned after every session and during the session if necessary – several times daily.

Fire drills

  • Fire drills will be held at least once a term and this is to ensure that the building can be evacuated efficiently in the event of an emergency.
  • They also help the students to become familiar with the escape routes.

Supervision of playgroup/prep-programme students

  • All students are under the supervision of, and are thus the responsibility of, their accompanying adult at all times.
  • No-one must enter the classrooms before the class begins.
  • Adults and children should leave the premises promptly after the end of the class.

Field trips

  • Please be reassured that we follow strict procedures when organizing field trips.
  • Letters will be sent to students in advance reminding them about the trip and what they need to bring.
  • Parents should make sure they return the consent form for their child – otherwise we need to get phone consent.


  • Your child will be well taken care of during school hours. Should you have any concerns whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact the Principal.
  • All students are issued with an identification card with their photograph and class details.
  • This should be presented to the class teacher when the child is collected.
  • Should another person be collecting your child, it is important that you notify the class teacher or the school office ahead of time.
  • We will not release a child to another person without seeing the child’s identity card.
  • All kindergarten students are required to have a completed release authorization form returned to school prior to admission. This gives details of who can collect your child from school.

Infectious Diseases


Incubation period [days]

Exclusion of child from school

Bacillary dysentery

1 –7

As advised by doctor

14 – 21

Until all vesicles have dried up or as advised by doctor

1 – 5

Until certified free from infection

2 – 7

Until certified free from infection

7 – 18

4 days from the appearance of the rash
Meningococcal infection

2 – 10

Until certified free from infection

12 – 25

9 days from onset of swelling

7 – 14

Until certified free from infection
Rubella [German measles]

14 – 23

7 days from the appearance of the rash
Scarlet fever

1 – 3

As advised by doctor


As advised by doctor
Typhoid fever

7 – 21

As advised by doctor
Viral hepatitis A

15 – 50

As advised by doctor
Whooping cough

7 – 10

Until certified free from infection
Impetigo   Until certified free from infection
Hand, foot and mouth disease


Until all vesicles have dried up or as advised by doctors
Head Lice   Until certified free