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Contact: Whampoa Campus +852 2766 3882 | Kowloon Tong Campus +852 2794 3668

Anfield is dedicated to providing children with a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate learning environment. We strive to appreciate and respect each child’s uniqueness within their learning style and the pace of their intellectual and physical growth. Our staff focus on each child’s individual needs and promote their development through enriching and stimulating educational and age-appropriate programmes. We believe in “Educating Hearts and Minds” and work closely with families to ensure the happy and healthy development of their child.

Head of School – Kowloon Tong

Christina Pickford
Welcome to Anfield International Kindergarten in Kowloon Tong where “Educating Hearts and Minds” is our most fundamental objective and mission. We believe completely in educating the whole individual child. Through our engaging, warm and welcoming environment, we guide each child’s academic progress, as well as their social, emotional and mental wellbeing. We believe that a good early years education is about building strong foundations and creating life-long happy learners. This undertaking has been a joy and a privilege of Anfield for over 22 years and I am honoured to be part of this in my role as the Head of School.

Originally from Canada, and working internationally in both the United Kingdom and Qatar, I have been in education for 17 years. I am passionate about education and about children’s development across all ages. I have worked within a variety of classrooms over the years and as a Senior Leader for the last several; including as a Head of Kindergarten in Doha and as Vice Principal and then Head of School here at Anfield.

Together with our other 3 campuses, Whampoa, Tai Wai and Koon Ying, we continue to work together to make Anfield an outstanding international education institute throughout Hong Kong. I believe the success of a school in educating the youth of the future, relies significantly on all those involved. With strong management, an enthusiastic KG team, and the support of our dedicated parents, I am confident that Anfield will continue to achieve excellence. Especially, in this ever changing world, we must work together to provide our children the best possible opportunities for the future.

I am very proud of our school and hope that when the occasion to visit arises, you will come to see us at work and at play.  You can witness for yourself a unique atmosphere that is the Anfield family.

Kind Regrads,

Christina Pickford
Head of School
- Aristotle

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all

Head of School – Whampoa

Vickie Russell

Welcome to Anfield International Kindergarten and Nursery at Whampoa. 

As an Early Years specialist, I am incredibly passionate about the first stages in a child’s education and how we can prepare them for their future journey. At Anfield we believe in creating opportunities for children to access a broad and balanced curriculum which allows them to explore independently, in order to discover their passions and interests. I have been working in education for over twenty years, and have taught in the Early Years and Primary in both the U.K. and Hong Kong. I have been with the Anfield team as Deputy Head of School in our Kowloon Tong campus for the last few years, and am now excited to be the Head of School in Whampoa. 

Education is always evolving, and at Anfield we work together across all our campuses to ensure our students always receive the highest quality of education. Children should feel safe and secure in their learning environment, so at Anfield we provide a school which supports this and is inviting, and engaging. Our Catholic ethos encourages children to learn both academically and spiritually. Using our Anfield Attributes, we teach our students to be fair, innovative, determined and more. We build their self-confidence and self-belief, allowing them to be resilient in this ever-changing world. 

I hope that you find our website useful and it gives you a virtual insight into our school and who we are, however, it does not compete with a visit to see our wonderful school for yourself. I look forward to welcoming you to our Whampoa campus to look around and see first-hand the way in which we educate the hearts and minds of our students.

Kind Regards,

Vickie Russell
Head of School
- Benjamin Franklin

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”