School Trips

We believe children benefit from as broad an education as possible at this early stage of their development, so school trips are a regular feature of life at Anfield.

All trips are planned well in advance taking great care to balance the informative, educational aspect with fun. We place a strong emphasis on the safety, security and well being of the children, meaning that you can have peace of mind whilst your child enjoys exciting, new experiences.

Our children make regular visits to places of interest in Hong Kong, not only to support the curriculum but to broaden their educational experience. This can involve educational visits to parks, beaches and countrysides to encourage awareness of environmental issues and later on there are trips to museums and galleries.

Once in the Years 4 – 6 our children can start enjoying longer trips. Year 4 has a 3 day residential camp while Year 5 has a 4 day adventure residential camp, and Year 6 has a 5 day residential camp. Our children enjoy many opportunities for residential experience away from home.