An Active, Stimulating, Caring school

One of Anfield’s greatest strengths, and something that is commented on by parents and visitors alike, is the caring, family atmosphere that pervades our school. At Anfield we consider every child to be unique and it is a school where everyone is treated as an individual deserving of respect and consideration.  All members of the Anfield family make every effort to ensure that each child feels safe and happy, both inside the classroom and beyond. Anfield School provides a caring and supportive atmosphere that allows children to thrive academically, socially and emotionally, where individual talents are nourished and celebrated within our inclusive environment. The rich educational opportunities offered at our school encourage our students to excel, and fulfill their potential becoming confident and capable young people.

High academic attainment is very important at Anfield. Our broad, balanced curriculum is rigorous and demanding. Our staff has high expectations of the students who are encouraged and challenged to fulfill their potential. Each child is cherished as an individual, their particular talents identified and developed, and any weaknesses gently corrected. Our favourable teacher student ratio and excellent resources help ensure our students’ success, whatever their age or ability.

We understand that as a parent you expect your child to be very happy at our School. We therefore place great importance on excellent pastoral care for all. Staff carefully monitor every child’s progress and any difficulties are identified early so that appropriate support can be given.

We recognise that parents are the prime educators of their children. There are many important factors in the successful education of young children and we believe that a vital element of this is a mutually supportive partnership between the school and the home. Parents are encouraged to visit the school, to talk to the Principal and individual teachers and to discuss any concerns about their children and their children’s progress.

“Children should be happy, and through happiness they achieve.”