Our mission is to help all children to reach their full potential in a happy, safe, caring school where we look after each other and our environment. It is the aim of Anfield that we should:

  • Provide an environment in which all students have equality of opportunity and equal right to respect.
  • Have high expectations for all, both in learning and in behaviour, which enables students to reach their full potential.
  • Encourage students to do their best in all they say and do.
  • Focus on a child-centred approach to learning in which the moral, physical, creative, social and emotional development of the child is as important as his/her intellectual development.
  • Provide a learning environment in which children:
    • build on what they already know or what they can do
    • have opportunities to learn through investigation, exploration, and discovery within a disciplined yet caring and stimulating environment
    • are motivated to learn through being actively involved in purposeful activities and play
    • feel confident about tackling new situations and are prepared to think for themselves and act independently
    • develop their self-esteem
    • have opportunities to engage in activities planned by adults and also those that they plan or initiate themselves
  • Encourage pupils to take care of each other and our environment.
  • Be open and welcoming to parents, treat them as partners in their child’s development and education, inform parents about their child’s development and progress, deal fairly with any parental concerns and keep parents informed about school activities.