The Board of Governors works to support Principals and their teams in ensuring that students embody the vision of the School’s Mission statement. Anfield is a progressive and dynamic Organisation. Through the skilled leadership of our Principals, the Schools strive for excellence in all facets of their work, whilst fostering an environment that celebrates the Schools’ Christian character and Catholic expression.

Board of Governors
Chair of Governors: Mr. Haresh Ramchandani
School Supervisor: Ms. Angela Lee
Governors: 8 Members
Honorary Advisors: 7 Members

Board Organisation

The Board of Governors comprises of professional, individual members, who are passionate about supporting the ongoing success of Anfield. The Principals, School Governors and Honorary Advisors are all members, appointed by the Board from time to time. To capitalize upon this professionalism and share the workload, the Board is organised into a number of Governance Committees. Each committee is chaired by a Governor, and meets as required, to review policy and monitor performance.

The responsibility of each Principal is to manage Anfield on a day-to-day basis, helped by selected members of the Governors. The Board appoints Principals as the Chief Academic and Administrative Oficers, to lead the schools academically, whilst also managing their affairs. The Principals report to the Board at regular meetings.

Governance Committees:
Education & HR: includes Educational Strategy & Development, Quality, Operations
Finance & Marketing: includes Business Strategy & Development
Premises and Risk Management: includes Health & Safety

Governors can be contacted via the School or via email via: