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Executive Head: Vicky Davies

At Anfield, we provide British educational excellence, nurturing both hearts and minds.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Anfield through our website. I trust that you will gain insight into our thriving schools and  hope that this will encourage you to visit and find out more about our ‘special places’.

My background in education globally extends over 30 years, incorporating the leadership roles of Headteacher and also Leadership and School Improvement Adviser.

More recently, being part of the esteemed Anfield Group as Principal of Anfield School (Tai Wai campus) for the last eight years, has been a real privilege and one which I have valued greatly.

It has always been my aim to instill, in each and every child, a set of attributes, skills and values that will enable them to make informed choices, enjoy lifelong learning and achieve personal fulfilment. Your child, whilst at Anfield, will also develop the ability to stretch themself, learn with courage and explore new avenues. Our children are inspired to aim high and achieve their potential in an atmosphere of supportive endeavour. Respectful informality is a characteristic of our happy schools.

I am extremely proud of each school and hope you will accept my sincere invitation to come and see us at work and at play – experience the unique family atmosphere of Anfield for yourself!

Head of School – KOWLOON TONG: Christina Pickford

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”- Aristotle


Welcome to Anfield International Kindergarten in Kowloon Tong where “Educating Hearts and Minds” is our most fundamental objective and mission. We believe completely in educating the whole individual child. Through our engaging, warm and welcoming environment, we guide each child’s academic progress, as well as their social, emotional and mental well-being. We believe that a good early years education is about building strong foundations and creating life-long happy learners.  This undertaking has been a joy and a privilege of Anfield for over 20 years and I am honoured to be part of this in my role as the Head of School. 


Originally from Canada, and working internationally in both the United Kingdom and Qatar, I have been in education for 16 years.  I am passionate about education and about children’s development across all ages.  I have worked within a variety of classrooms over the years and as a Senior Leader for the last several; including as a Head of Kindergarten in Doha and as Vice Principal here at Anfield. 


Together with our other 2 campuses, Laguna Verde and Tai Wai, we continue to work together to make Anfield an outstanding school in Hong Kong.  I believe the success of a school in educating the youth of the future, relies significantly on all those involved. With strong management, a fantastic and keen KG team, and the support of our dedicated parents, I am confident that Anfield will continue to achieve excellence.  Especially, in this ever changing world, we must work together to provide our children the best possible opportunities for the future.


I am very proud of our school and hope that when the occasion to visit arises, you will come to see us at work and at play.  You can witness for yourself a unique atmosphere that is the Anfield family.

Head of School – WHAMPOA: Nuala Owens

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Welcome to Anfield International Kindergarten and Nursery in Whampoa. A warm, embracing environment, where children are nurtured as they experience the most wonderful years of their educational lives. We provide that ‘happy place’ where children thrive and begin their journey as life-long learners.


I have worked within Early Years over the last decade, using the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage British Curriculum’, both in the United Kingdom and internationally, and I am passionate about the importance of young children’s development. I have worked at the Whampoa campus for 3 years and  I am honoured to be the Head of School. I believe fully in the ethos of the school – ‘Educating Hearts and Minds’.


In our dynamic world, adaptability and resilience are essential skills for our children. Early Years education continues to evolve and develop with new research and technologies. As Head of School, I am committed to ensure Anfield is relevant and innovative in our approach to providing the best education for your children. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff provide a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for your children. Their knowledge of how children learn best is demonstrated by their approach to teaching and learning and providing opportunities for each individual child to explore, develop and succeed. We, at Anfield, pride ourselves on our nurturing capabilities, understanding the importance of children’s social, emotional and mental well-being. You can be assured that once your child is enrolled, they become part of our ‘Anfield family’.


As an early years educator and leader, I cannot express enough how fundamental you, as parents, are in your child’s learning journey. There is something special about our ‘Anfield parents’ and I believe it stems from a strong understanding and commitment to ensuring the best for your children, herein, sharing the same goal as Anfield. I look forward to enhancing my rapport with current parents. I would also love to meet prospective parents at our Open Days and Briefing Sessions throughout the year. These are fantastic opportunities for you to see and feel what we have to offer at Anfield.