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(i) Home/School partnership

Parents are encouraged to participate in activities and are welcomed into the school.

Children’s experiences at home are important to achievement and parents significantly influence their children’s learning. When parents and teachers work together to support children’s learning the results can have a measurable and lasting effect on the child’s achievement. A good school takes into consideration a child’s previous learning experiences and positively builds on these.

When parents understand the learning intentions behind our classroom activities, this gives them a better understanding and more realistic expectations for their own child’s behaviour and development.

(ii) Home communication 

We use ‘Google Classrooms’ as a home-school communication link. At the beginning of the school year you will be invited to join your child’s Google Classroom. Here you will find information, videos, advice and information from the class teachers. Throughout the year, this platform is used as an effective way of keeping parents and teachers updated on a daily basis. There is a private chat function which enables parents to communicate privately with the class teacher and ask any questions at the click of a button. It is a very effective link and enables communication between home and school. 

(iii) Newsletters

We also send home newsletters and other appropriate information on a regular basis via our Anfield App..

(iv) Yearbook

The school produces an annual yearbook which reflects the events and activities which happen each year in school.

(v) Website

Keep checking our website for current news and  updates

(vi) Parents’ meetings

A parents’ introductory evening is held near the beginning of the school year to inform parents about their child’s curriculum and classroom routines and procedures. This will enable them to better support their child.

Throughout the year we have educational workshops to help parents with supporting their child with phonics, reading, writing and other aspects of the curriculum..

(vii) Parent conferences

These are held twice a year for our kindergarten students and termly for Monday-Friday playgroup/prep-programme students.

These conferences give parents the opportunity to discuss in depth their child’s development with his/her class teacher. If parents have any concerns about their child or their child’s development they are encouraged to approach the teacher or Head of School who will be able to advise them

(viii) Reports


Reports will be sent home twice a year; one in October for the child’s settling in report and the other at the end of the school year or on request for special circumstances.

Kiddies’ Club and Language Centre

Reports will be sent home at the end of each term. Students who complete courses will receive a certificate. There are no reports in the Summer Camp.

(ix) Parent support in class


Parents are welcome for example with cooking activities into Anfield to help out in the classroom as well as field trips. Class teachers will organize such support.


Our playgroup/prep-programme classes require that each child be accompanied by an adult. While we appreciate assistance from the child’s “helper”, we strongly encourage each child to be independent and creative during class. The helper’s role is extremely important and we strive to maintain an atmosphere in which the teacher and helper work together.

Only one adult to accompany each child to the playgroup/prep-programme classes.

(x) Policies

Parents are required to sign policy statements for all Kiddies’ Club programmes.

(xi) Concerns

Parents are encouraged to contact us immediately on any matter that affects the welfare and well-being of their child. Staff are always willing to answer any questions or concerns that they may have.

If parents accompany their child to and from school, they can speak to the teacher before or after school or make an appointment to do so at a more convenient time.

If they don’t accompany their child to and from school, they can phone and leave a message and the teacher will get back to them as soon as possible. The teacher can either speak to them on the phone or make an appointment to meet directly.