Early Years ; Playgroup / Nursery / K1 / K2 / K3

Welcome to the Early Years at Anfield! Our aim is to make participation and attendance within any of our programmes an exciting, stimulating and enjoyable educational experience which will not only lay the foundations necessary for successful learning, but will also inspire our youngest children to appreciate the joy of discovery and nurture the desire to learn more. We fully understand why this can be an anxious time for parents as well as children when they enter the world of school, maybe for the first time. However,it is now widely recognised that children have the capacity to learn more during this period than at any other time of their life! The Early Years are therefore crucial. Attitudes ,dispositions and habits formed at this stage will have a profound effect on children’s future approach to learning. We are very well aware of our responsibility in this respect and we take it very seriously indeed. With this in mind, we strive to provide for every child,not only a first class learning environment, but one in which every-one feels safe secure, and most importantly, also valued.

We challenge the children with an age- appropriate curriculum – the Early Years Foundation Stage,(devised for 0-5 year olds in the UK) which is specifically designed to match children’s unfolding stages of development whilst affording and ensuring educational progress within all curriculum areas Additionally, we support the children’s learning by providing a highly qualified and experienced staff of professionals. These people are our most essential resource. They will support every child in every aspect of their being, not only in their academic achievement, but also with regard to their happiness, well-being ,self esteem and confidence.

All children in the Early Year have specialist teaching in Mandarin Chinese, P.E. and Music.

Primary School

The school’s curriculum is based upon the requirements of the National Curriculum of England and Wales for pupils aged 5 to 11.

In Years 1 and 2 children follow the National Curriculum – Key Stage 1

In Year 3 – 6 children follow the National Curriculum – Key Stage 2

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, covering all national requirements and offering a variety of additional experiences.

Annual examinations, together with ongoing assessment, facilitate careful monitoring of progress. If there are any concerns regarding a child’s development, we believe that early intervention is vital and we therefore screen all pupils to detect any potential problems. Specialist support is provided where necessary.

Junior Department: Year 1 – Year 2

Children join Anfield School from our Early Years Kindergarten programme but a number of pupils also join Anfield from outside the school and these children integrate with ease into the peer group and expectations of the curriculum.

As the children progress through the Junior Department they will be expected to take greater responsibility for themselves and their learning. During this phase of their education they will become more independent and experience a more varied approach to the curriculum. Children develop a greater degree of self-motivation and begin to find their strengths within the academic and wider curriculum It is an exciting time!

All children in the Junior Department have specialist teaching in Mandarin Chinese, P.E. and Music.

Senior Department: Year 3 – Year 6

As the children later smoothly progress through the Senior Department they will be expected to take greater responsibility for themselves and their learning. We want them to have the confidence to take risks, cope with the consequences and be successful in both their learning and their everyday lives. We aim to ensure our pupils leave us eager, independent children with a real zest and love of learning.

The children begin to experience an even wider curriculum with the introduction of Verbal Reasoning from Year 3 and a choice of languages at the upper end of the school, together with additional sporting opportunities. Specialist teachers operating within specialist teaching rooms encourage and ensure movement around the school. Thus, children are gradually introduced to teaching and learning experiences which also prepare them for the demands of Secondary schooling

All children in the Senior Department have specialist teaching in Mandarin Chinese, P.E., Music, Arts and Spanish/French.

Outstanding pastoral care underpins all that we do for the children in the Senior Department to ensure that they are happy and confident whilst tackling an increasingly academic curriculum. Children’s welfare is paramount and we work closely with parents to ensure good communication, particularly through the examination periods.