Principal's Blog

Date: 28 APR 2017
This morning, I was busy in my office  answering a batch of urgent emails. I was aware of a soft tapping on the open door. I looked up to see half a dozen K2 Environment Monitors tip-toe  silently into my office. As they caught my eye they clambered around my desk.

“You must turn your light off!” Demanded a little girl with great excitement.

Her friend joined in. “Yes turn your light off when you leave your office!”

“OK”, I said. “I will do my best to remember.”

“Yes, you must.” The girl demanded, smiling.

A little boy pushed his way to the front, shouting,” You must turn the tap off!”

“Why?” I challenged.

“Because……………else you waste water.” After the initial hesitation he completed his argument with an air of smugness.

“You are so right,” I agreed.

Suddenly they spied the comfy looking sofa and clambered onto it.

“And…..” I wondered what was coming next, “turn off your computer” one of the girls shouted  excitedly.

“Why must I turn my computer off?” Once again I challenged.

“ ’Cos it wastes.” She said  pragmatically.

“We are the Monitors” They giggled. I thanked them earnestly and as they left the room, they waved goodbye and turned my light off, plunging me into dim half-light.

I could hear their giggles all the way back to their classroom – I wonder if they will remember to do as they say!

Our current theme on Conservation is great and  school is buzzing with an air of purpose. It is giving  many opportunities for the children to experience and practise taking care of our planet. We must remember that the future is in their hands!

Date: 14 FEB 2017
I opened the door slowly in case a little person was playing behind the door. All clear; I went into the Rabbits Pre- Nursery class. Children were calmly playing in the home corner with Teacher Annabelle, marble painting with Teacher Helen and playing with the train track on the carpet.

I sat on the sofa to watch. I was quite taken aback that although  this is just four weeks into their school experience, the children were all happily engaged in their play. There was not much talk going on between the little children, but I could hear the teachers chatting away, modelling simple sentences, and giving commentary  to the activities in hand.

A little boy came over to me, offering a “cup of tea”. Ummm! Delicious! This was swiftly followed by another, carefully “poured” from the tea pot, and another! Clearly I was enjoying my cups of tea so much that a little girl joined in, then another boy and another little girl. My word, how they looked after me! I must have “drunk” 10 cups of tea!

As I sipped my 10th “cup of tea”, Teacher Tina came into the room for the Mandarin lesson. The teachers burst into a chorus of the tidying-up song, and without prompting, all the children helped to put the toys away before sitting on the cushions in front of Teacher Tina. They were ready for the next lesson!

What is so striking is that these 2 year olds have only been in the class for about 20 days, yet they already know the routine and clearly have some understanding of expectations. They are not yet playing co-operatively together, but are playing very happily alongside each other, sharing the toys (even the much coveted Thomas the Tank Engine!)  This is quite something.

It is clear that relationships are growing and there is a lovely sense of warmth and love in the room.

What a joy!

Date: 24 JAN 2017
Hearing music in the studio at Laguna Verde campus as I walked down the corridor on Monday morning, there could be no mistaking that Chinese New Year is upon us.
Peeping in through the curtains I could see the K2 girls practising the Ribbon Dance with the Mandarin Team.
The girls were singing beautifully and clearly as they waved the red ribbons in time to the music.
It is so important that the children understand the cultural importance of Chinese New Year customs and celebrations and it is quite exciting that they will perform for parents on Wednesday at Assembly.
What a spectacular time of the year!