Principal's Blog

Date: 03 MAR 2017
Today a parcel arrived  at Kowloon Tong campus, addressed to a K2 class. Who was it from? Whatever could it be?

The teacher carefully opened the parcel. There inside were 14 dinosaur eggs and 3 nests. How strange! A letter enclosed explained how precious the eggs were and how carefully they should be looked after and kept warm in the nests.

Ummmm! 14 eggs and 3 nests. That’s tricky.

Soon the children were busy discussing exactly how to go about organising the eggs. Within half an hour they had come up with no less than 14 different ways!

As the children recorded their answers onto paper, they explained their reasoning. Some children wrote  numerals in a number sentence, some recorded their thinking in pictures of nests and eggs, whilst others produced a combination of pictures with numbers.

Working on problem solving with four and five year olds is challenging, because the moment the teacher gives ideas on how to go about solving the problem, then it can no longer be a problem.

One thing is certain -  Anfield children love problem solving and the teachers are skilful at teaching it.

Date: 14 FEB 2017
This morning, just after Nathaniel had led prayers and the K2 children had hung up their bags and coats, I watched as they came together on the carpet.

There was an air of quiet anticipation as morning greetings ended.

Quietly, efficiently and excitedly the children lined up in different groups with friends from parallel classes and went off to their phonics classes.
The children’s behaviour is striking. They may only be 4 or 5 years old, but they are clear about the routine and expectations and obviously love the session.

I see them watching the teacher so carefully, eagerly awaiting instruction.

Yes, the session is pacey, well planned and well taught, but none- the-less I watch with care. Every day I need to see for myself that the children enjoy the session. The day I see a perceived pressure on a child is the day when I will intervene. Such a day has not come.

I am proud of our phonics teaching. I see the results – first and foremost – the children have convinced me that phonics is a loved lesson that they look forward to, every single day!