Principal's Message

Welcome to Anfield International Kindergarten. I hope that, as you browse these pages, you will get a feel for our warm, loving school.
It has been a great privilege to lead Kowloon Tong and to work with such a strong, committed team of Early Years Professionals.
I have been at Anfield as Principal for over 6 years, and in many ways working at Kowloon Tong campus has been the most liberating and wonderful time in my career.
I am a committed Early Years Practitioner, and in England I was a principal for 15 years in two schools. Following that I became a Local Education Authority, Strategic Lead for Early Years and at the same time supported principals of primary schools as their School Improvement Partner and Ofsted Task Force officer.
I believe that all children have an entitlement to the highest possible standard of  education and that going to school should be one of happiest things to do. As a parent, one of the most important decisions you make is selecting the right kindergarten for your child. It is here, at kindergarten, that lifelong dispositions and attitudes to learning are formed and stay throughout life.
Recently, a robust Ofsted Inspection at Kowloon Tong, judged our care for children’s well-being to be outstanding. This I believe really matters and must sit alongside academic achievement.
At Anfield, regardless of campus every child and every family matters. Here, personal bests in behaviour, attitude, kindness and academic achievement are nurtured and valued.
At Anfield, children love coming to school each day. This is a measure, of a good school I hope you will come to see for yourself.

Kind regards,
Denise Jarrett